Sunday, April 10, 2011

Exciting News on a Thrift Share Monday!

This is a combo Thrift Share Monday post...My super-exciting news of the week:

I was contacted by Etsy and Green is Universal/NBC scouts to ask if they could use my Vintage Upcycled Western Belt Lawn Chair in an Earth Week window display in their New York City store at 30 Rock!!! Whaaaat??? I shipped the chair to NYC Saturday! How exciting is that? It's been 4 days and I'm still soooooo excited! I'm going to watch the Today Show this week and see if you ever get a glimpse of the store when they're shooting outside...maybe you'll see my chair on the Today Show during Earth Week (17-24 Apr is when it's on display). I feel so lucky/thankful about now. And did I mention excited!?

I decided to enter my chair in The Art of Re-Use Contest that Etsy and Green is Universal are sponsoring as well. There are not too many entries and the public votes in each of the categories; top 10 entries with the highest fetching votes are to be judged by a celebrity panel, including Martha Stewart! Perhaps she'll see my chair in the window display and think it's a 'good thing' haha. I wish I lived in NYC so I could see the window in person but hopefully I'll catch a glimpse on the Today show when they're outside. I think I'm going to ask the NBC Marketing person who contacted me if she would take photo for me and email to me? Is that too weird? Think she would?

If anyone feels inclined to vote for my chair it's on page 6 of the Home Decor category. People have been complaining about the voting process because you have to sign up with Green is Universal first (email + password is all), then they send you a confirmation email. Sign in, go to the item you want to vote for (one vote per category), scroll down to the bottom of the page and you'll see the vote button. There's also a facebook like at the top right of each page and people were thinking that was the vote tally but it's not. So far my dad is the only one I know of that has voted for me (except for me) and I still only have my one facebook like that I put in. Oh well. My chair is going to be in the Universal Store window display in NYC/30 Rock and that's TOTALLY good enough for me!!!! But if you feel inclined to give my chair a vote, feel free and much appreciated!

I'm finishing 2 more chairs with belts - a bright red ladderback and the other and an old, heavy-duty rocking chair. I'm going to use a few Guatamalan belts in the ladderback, mixed in with plain vintage leather belts instead of western. Not sure about the rocker yet. I'm thinking it would probably be wise of me to finish these pronto and get them listed in my Etsy store before the 17th (they will credit my name and my Etsy store, kikithespunkymunky, in the display, so I'm hoping to get an increase in traffic in my store...). I also need to list, list, list in Etsy this week. Good sales on Ebay for me recently, so I need to keep up the new lists but I have to focus on Etsy this week!

Not much thrifting this week but I did do better on listing the first part of the week (and before the window display news!). AND my Campbell's Soup Can bag sold!

I started doing a few buy-it-now with best offer listings (which I learned about from Selena's blog at Apron Thrift Girl) and have had a few decent sales with this format - thanks Selena!) I still post a lot of thrifted clothes on eBay in the $10 range but have branched out with listing some of my vintage items from my Etsy store, kikithespunkymunky, and trying to list for a little more than I usually do. I've had some success with this and it really has motivated me to list more vintage items along with the clothing. Had another best offer just this morning!

Kind of a long-winded post due to my excitement with the window display! Did a lot of packaging this morning, so now I must go to the Post Office and finish those new chairs!!!! And list some more!!!! Have a great week!


Parsimonia said...

Just stopped by via ATG and just wanted to say how excited I am for you about your chair! I know I'd feel super giddy all the time after getting news like that. Kudos to your creativity and good luck in the contest! :)

kikithespunkymunky said...

Thanks so much! Giddy pretty much nails it!

monogirl said...

That chair is fantastic and congratualtions on your window spot. You should definately ask for a photo from the marketing people. Chances are they need to take one for archival purposes anyway, so there should be no problem forwarding you a copy. You absolutely need to have some more chairs up in your Etsy shop, the hipster kids in NYC will love them.

kikithespunkymunky said...

Thanks monogirl! Yes, my goal is to have the ladderback, the rocking chair, and a campchair/stool listed in my Etsy store by Wednesday! They also decided to buy the chair instead of renting it and are going to showcase it in their offices in NYC - yay!!!! And I did do some restocking today (versus new Ebay listings) in the Etsy store just in case of an increase in traffic...Thanks again for the kudos and the input on the photo! Lori

leah @ plainview - moxiethrift on etsy said...

that chair is totally cool! wow!

kikithespunkymunky said...

Thanks Leah! I hope I catch a glimpse of it on the Today show next week - too fun!

SixBalloons said...

Wow, that is so awesome to hear! Great work on the chair!

kikithespunkymunky said...

Thanks SixBalloons! (love me some Pyrex:))

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